Time to replace your CIAM provider?

If you’re considering your options when it comes to customer identity and access management (CIAM) providers, you’re in the right place.


Tired of watching your CIAM vendor...


Sunset products

Retire products without a clear migration path, or remove features without explanation.


Charge for the basics

Send you statements of work (SOWs) when you ask for basic features.


Overcomplicate things

Twist workforce features to fit customer use cases.


Ruin user experience

Make branding so clunky it kills the vibe for your customers.

We’ll get you switched over in weeks

(not months … plus)

Our no-code platform eliminates the months-long implementations (and engineering crews) that you likely experienced when you got your current CIAM solution up and running. The longest bar on the gantt chart will be understanding your requirements. From there it’s click, clack … go!


How we approach CIAM replacements

1. Goals, gaps and timeline
  • Timeline for go-live
  • Your reasons for switching providers
  • What needs to change and what stays the same
2. Customer journeys
  • Timeline for go-live
  • Your reasons for switching providers
  • What needs to change and what stays the same
2 to 3 weeks
to complete steps 1-4
3. Tech stack
  • Review where your CIAM provider touches your tech stack
  • Explore new opportunities to keep customer data synced
  • Document go-live integrations and use cases
4. Security
  • Document key risks (and risk signals)
  • Review as-is and to-be process for customer validation
  • Design adaptive MFA process for customer journeys
5. Configuration and go-live
  • Strivacity configures and tests instance
  • Strivacity trains your customer success team
  • Go-live, monitoring and adjustments (as required)
Less than 1 week
to complete step 5

Ready to learn more?

Why Strivacity?

  • We believe simple sign-in journeys grow revenue.
  • Having seen hundreds of CIAM implementations by workforce IAM vendors go sideways we decided it was time for a new approach.
  • We’re 100% focused on customer journeys.
  • Our cloud-native platform brings everything into a single platform including consent management, adaptive MFA, branding and identity verification.
  • And since we use clicks (not code) to set it up and change it (no IAM PhD required) deployments are wicked fast.

How will your life change with Strivacity?

For starters … you won’t have to settle for “good enough

Performance without a price tag

Cloud-native performance scales to the highest volumes (no standby servers required)

Say “bye” to integration headaches

Low-code on-platform development environment hooks into any app to

Brand anything ... anywhere

Marketing can brand everything down to the DNS level (no engineering ticket required)

Make changes quickly

It’ll be easy for you (or CX) to do A/B tests and make tweaks as requirements evolve.

Still have questions?

If you can't find the answer in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer you shortly.

How do you migrate customer accounts?

There are a couple of options. We recommend a “just-in-time” approach where user accounts and passwords are moved over as users log into the new system. The big advantage is that customers don’t have to reset their password and there’s no impact on user experience. The other approach is a “bulk migration” where you export all of the customer records from the old system and load them into Strivacity. This requires every customer to reset their password. This blog post covers these two options in much more detail.

How does consent management work?

Strivacity’s native consent management capability lets you push consent requests out to customers for things like new terms and conditions, privacy policies, or communication preferences. Consent receipts are stored so customers (and administrators) can easily see them. You can also push receipts out to a consent management platform (CMP) if you want. Also, when you create new versions of a policy, for example, you can require users to approve the new version the next time they log in.

What type of identity verification do you provide?

Strivacity has a native identity verification capability. Most customers use it as part of the new user sign-up process when they require stronger evidence that users are who they claim to be. We can look up the user’s personally identifiable information (PII) against third-party data sources to make sure they match. We’ll match against things like phone records and national ID numbers like U.S. social security #’s or Canadian national IDs). We can also do knowledge-based verification against credit bureau data. If you have proprietary info we can match against that too.

How do you handle cyclical spikes in activity?

Strivacity is “built in the cloud”. That means we’re able to take advantage of all of the latest technologies and auto-scaling capabilities that cloud providers offer. When login activity spikes (think of everyone turning on Netflix at 8pm) Strivacity automatically spins up as many new servers as necessary in the background so that there’s no performance impact to your customers.

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