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Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2022

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Why choose Strivacity?

Strivacity adds secure customer identity and access management (CIAM) capabilities to your online properties fast so you can grow your revenue, stay compliant with fast-changing privacy regulations and personalize your service with the insights you’ll get into how your customers interact with you.


Boost revenue

Sign-in journeys are all we do. Your customers get fewer clicks. You get a UX you can be proud of.

Reduce spend

Our “clicks not code” approach uses 80% less engineering, services and support than competitors.

Go wicked fast

Cloud-native performance means we turn on fast and auto-scale with your customers.

Strivacity is a SaaS platform 100% focused on customers

Strivacity makes it easy for customer to control admin, auditing, branding, metrics, policies and orchestration directly within the platform.

  • Registration and self-service
    Make it a breeze for customers to sign-up, sign-in and manage their account
  • Sign-in and authentication
    Pick the ways customers authenticate - MFA, social login, SSO, biometrics or passwordless
  • Identity verification
    Verify customer IDs by checking telco records, knowledge verification or any 3rd party source
  • Privacy and consent
    Serve-up, track and audit consents for T&Cs, privacy policies or ... anything
  • Fraud detection
    Flag bots and suspicious logins by analyzing device and customer activity
It's all part of our

Lifecycle Event Orchestration™

Why Strivacity is different?

Most CIAM solutions are either designed for developers or for marketers ... not both. When you add in requirements from security and legal teams, the focus on the “C” (aka your customers) often gets lost. Strivacity keeps the focus on your customer with one solution that meets everyone’s needs, goes live faster and doesn’t require an army of developers and consultants to feed and water it.

Configure the system with clicks not code

Reduce development and operational costs by 50% with our workflows and APIs that you can drop right into your apps.


Isolation-by-Design™ makes compliance easy

We use zero shared infrastructure or services so your data stays separate and lives in the country where you want it.


Create great, and secure customer experiences

Create consistent multi-channel experiences with branding and workflow tailored to each app, audience, and use case.


Lifecycle event hooks™ make integration easy

Our serverless approach makes it easy to keep customer info in sync with your CRM (and any other app) and trigger integrations with identity proofing, account takeover services (and pretty much any other service).


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