Customer Clarity Workshop

Weirdly, a lot of customer identity and access management (CIAM) projects start with a conversation about access management. Call us crazy, but we believe they should start with your customers (and their journeys) and work backward from there. That’s why we created this workshop.

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What is it?

When it comes to collecting customer data lots of people get involved: marketing, security, compliance. This workshop brings together key folks from all of the functions that have a hand in the customer lifecycle (and customer data stewardship) so we can get aligned on what the customer’s experience is today, what we want it to look like and why.

Key outcomes include:


One of the biggest benefits of the workshop comes from key folks from marketing, security and compliance listening to each other. Seriously, the time pays itself back with the future emails and Zoom calls that you’ll avoid.

Your “to be” customer experience(s)

We’ll document exactly where you want to take your customer journey(s) for each customer segment including the channels they use, the tech involved and how their future experience will be different than today’s.


When we start brainstorming with you lots of great ideas tend to follow. Usually, there are too many to do all at once. We’ll help you prioritize the ones that your team thinks are critical and create a roadmap for your project.

Business case

You’ll get a presentation that summarizes the output of the workshop including the financial impact it’ll have with hard metrics that tie back to increased revenue, reduced cost and reduced risk.

Who needs to be involved?

At a minimum, we need representatives from four key functions: marketing, product, security and compliance. Every company is organized differently so we’ll work with you to make sure we involve the right people.



The leader(s) responsible for the brand, external marketing and customer conversions.

  • Examples:
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • VP of Marketing


Senior leadership responsible for the customer portal or application.

  • Examples:
  • VP of Products
  • Director of Product Management


Person responsible for the customer authentication process.

  • Examples:
  • CISO
  • Director of Security


Person responsible for the customer authentication process.

  • Examples:
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Chief Privacy Officer

What’s the format and agenda?

We can do the workshop in person, virtually or hybrid. We’ve found the most successful outcomes when people get together live. We also know that’s often easier said than done. Either way, here’s the shape of the workshop:

Begin the workshop
The first day is a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop, which we’ll facilitate. It typically takes 4 to 6 hours of working time depending on size and complexity and we take several breaks along the way.
Organizing our thoughts
We’ll synthesize all the great input from day one overnight and summarize it so we can all look at it fresh and make sure it’s an accurate picture of where we are today, where we want to go and how we can measure success.
Developing the presentation
It takes us about a week to pull together and synthesize all of the information into a final presentation. Once we have that, we’ll share it with you. It usually takes a couple of back-and-forths and a Zoom call to make sure everything is on point.
Presenting our findings
After we finalize the presentation, we’re ready to share it more broadly. Typically this involves presenting to a broader executive audience and answering questions that are top of mind for them.

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