Customer Lifecycle Management

Automate account management and empower your customers to do more for themselves

Storing Customer Identities

Deciding how and where to store customer identities, or how to connect your website or portal to an existing directory or user store, can be a headache. Strivacity provides you with all of your options, so you can decide which fits best with your needs.

All the Options Covered

Strivacity Identity Store
The place for you to securely store and manage all of your customer identities with zero fuss.
On-Premises Directory
Full support for Active Directory, LDAP, or any ODBC source.
Cloud Directory
Full support for any cloud based LDAP directory.

Strivacity Identity Store

The Strivacity Identity Store offers limitless scale and high availability to securely store your customers’ identities and attributes, while offering the following:

  • Secure storage for customers’ identities and groups
  • Secure storage for all of your secrets, including but not limited to just passwords
  • Cloud-hosted, isolated and dedicated to your brand – your brand never shares infrastructure
  • Password policies enforceable per store and/or group
  • Stored attributes that can be used in conjunction with federation – Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and OpenID Connect
  • Stored objects, which can be accessed using RESTful API or LDAP
  • Full System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) capabilities for provisioning and identity management

Any On-Premises or Cloud Directory/Database

Strivacity Fusion enables you to, put simply, bring your own directory – regardless of whether it’s already in the cloud with another provider, or on-premises and secured in your own data center.

The Strivacity Identity Store agent is a lightweight installable agent used to integrate your on-premises identity stores with Strivacity Fusion in a secure, isolated way. This enables any customer using your on-premises store to register and log in with those credentials.

  • Leverage your existing active directory/database containing existing customers’ identities
  • Use your existing password policies
  • Leverage existing attributes and group memberships

Strivacity Fusion provides the ability to securely connect over the Internet to any third-party directory/database, letting you leverage your existing cloud-based directory investment.

Support exists for any number of directories/databases using secure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) over encrypted channels.

Self-Service Account Recovery

No one likes getting locked out – especially if they have to call customer service to regain access.

Frustrated customers who have forgotten their passwords can equate to increased abandonment rates as high as 18 percent.

Strivacity Fusion has all your bases covered, so you can quickly integrate the most common self-service account tasks into your portal or application via hosted pages, API’s and web SDK’s.

Forgotten Username
Customers can quickly receive a reminder to their chosen communication preference to receive a reminder and continue their transaction
Forgotten Password
Quickly and easily enable customers to reset their forgotten password without compromise to their customer experience
Account Unlock
Enable customers to quickly unlock their account by establishing trust through their chosen communication preference
Customer Verification
Re-assert trust with your customer by using an already-known and trusted email account or phone number
Customer Notification
Use known and trusted email accounts or phone numbers to keep customers up-to-date on any changes and/or unusual activity to their accounts
MFA Enrollment
Customers can manage all of their MFA options themselves – whether it’s changing their choice on what multi-factor method they want to use, or replacing a lost or stolen device

Self-Service Registration

Successfully completing registration is a critical step along your customers’ journeys.

Strivacity Fusion provides the options to provide a complete customer registration experience that makes it easy for customers to verify their identities and for you to introduce them to your brand.

Self-service registration allows a customer to self-register for your website or portal using your brand’s unique customized registration policy – a customer identity that belongs to your brand and is stored in your identity store of choice – or using a customer’s preferred social log-in.

Combined with fully brandable email or SMS verification, this provides a robust and secure customer experience that protects both your brand and your customers.

Fully customizable pre-built pages for sign up

Self-Service Account Management

You want to keep customers for life, and the reality is your customers change over time. They may move, get married or change their key preferences – the list goes on. As a result, you must keep pace with these changes to maintain evolving and growing relationships with your customers. We believe the best solution to this challenge is to enable your customers to manage all aspects of their accounts and personal details themselves using self-service account management.

These capabilities can be quickly added to your existing applications or portals, and they no longer require your customers to deal with the burdens of address changes, contact details updates, or even MFA user additions and/or replacements by having to call a customer service representative.

This self-service empowerment increases customer satisfaction and decreases operational cost.

Clean, elegant, customizable.

Secure, hosted self-service management branded and designed your way

Social Log-In and Registration

Every step you require your customer to take to register and log in to your website or portal adds risk to your transaction. Registration is a common complaint. In fact, according to Blue Research, 54 percent of customers say they will leave a website and never return if they are asked to fill out a registration form. Leveraging social media registration is a powerful weapon in removing this risk. Strivacity Fusion provides the following:

  • Easy registration and log-in for customers using their preferred social log-in
  • Embedding any of the most popular social log-in providers, as well as leveraging generic OpenID Connect support, into your portal or web application.
  • Additional user demographic data needed to better service your customers

Social registration and login, and OpenID support

Cover all the bases with broad support for Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.