Customer Insights

Drive marketing initiatives and increase revenue across all multi-channel experiences

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Anonymous Visitors

Increase conversion rates and enhance customer insights by understanding anonymous visitors’ behavior before they even register or log in to your website or portal, regardless of what channel they’re using.

Only 2 percent of visitors to your website or portal will register. Anonymous Visitors helps shine a light on the 98 percent!


Customer Insights

Utilizing customer insights reporting, marketing can directly report against the most comprehensive aspects of your customers


Report against quantifiable population characteristics, such as age, gender, income, education and family size


Understand the physical location or region of where your customer lives


Gain insight into your customers’ purchases, consumption and/or usage behavior

Find and target your customers

Market segmentation goes beyond basic customer insights and enables you to segment your customer base by any aspect of customer information you have collected through customers’ interactions with your website or portal.


Understand the physical location or region, and gain additional insights through the combination of geographic and demographic information

Contextual and Situational

Attain a developed understanding as to how customers change over time to more accurately appeal to them, such as a life event change or their active purchasing process


Stay current and informed by maintaining insight of the current lifestyle, social interests and/or personality characteristics of your customers

Multi-Channel Experiences

Your customers want to interact with your brand through various channels, and they demand a consistent and seamless experience across them all. Each channel you utilize represents a purchase or a service opportunity and has the ability to ultimately convert a prospect to a customer, or further strengthen existing customers’ brand loyalty.

Your job is to understand which channels best resonate with your target buyers, and ensure each channel is equipped with their desired capabilities and features.

Strivacity Fusion helps solve any customer experience challenges through integration, broad support for adaptive access control, social log-in and broad support via hosted pages, predefined workflows, and API’s and web SDK’s.

Providing consistent customer experience across all channels is key.