Customer insights

Personalize your service with new insights into how customers engage

Anonymous visitors

98% of the traffic to your website is anonymous. Strivacity increases conversion rates and enhances customer insights by understanding anonymous visitors’ behavior before they even register or login to your website, regardless of what channel they’re using.

Only 2 percent of visitors to your website or portal will register.


Customer insights

Strivacity customer insights reporting lets marketing understand how different customers behave.


Report against quantifiable population characteristics, such as age, gender, income, education and family size


Understand the physical location or region of where your customer lives


Gain insight into your customers’ purchases, consumption and/or usage behavior

Improve campaign targeting and conversions

Strivacity lets you go beyond basic customer insights. Segment customers by any characteristic you’ve got data on including how and when customers engage with you.


Understand the physical location or region, and gain additional insights through the combination of geographic and demographic information

Contextual and situational

Tailor campaigns with deeper understanding as customers change over time, such as life events, purchasing history or recent engagement.


Stay informed with insights into your customers’ current lifestyle, social interests and personal preferences

Multi-channel experiences

Your customers engage with your brand through various channels. Strivacity lets you deliver a consistent and seamless experience across all of them so you can increase conversions and strengthen customer loyalty.

We support adaptive access control, social log-in and offer broad support via hosted pages, predefined workflows, API’s and web SDK’s.