Consent management

Give customers control of how their data is used

Add self-service consent management into your existing app or website so customers can choose and self-service any of the following:

  • How personal info is shared with other systems and third parties
  • Which consents they agree to during registration
  • How their data can be used by other applications
  • Viewing and downloading their data in a way they can understand
  • Exercising their right to be forgotten (with auto-delete capability)

Trusted customer relationships based on transparency and ease of use

No-code customization makes consent management, auditing and reporting simple and straightforward.

  • Easily customize policies including what customers see (and when)
  • Give customers the voice to opt in or enforce mandatory consents when required
  • Track versions and audit who agreed to what (and when)
  • View and audit consent receipts when needed

Synchronize and flow consents to other systems throughout the enterprise

  • Ensure all other systems are updated in real time as your customers opt in or opt out of consents
  • Things change, so when they do you can easily ask customers to re-consent upon changes to subscriptions or new versions of your terms and conditions or policies