Consent Management

Achieve regulatory compliance and increase your customer’s trust

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Fully integrate self-service consent management into your existing application and give customers the ability to choose and control the following:

  • Customers can choose how their personal information is shared with other systems or third parties
  • Which consents they permit during registration, and how their data may be used on a restricted basis for any applications
  • Viewing and downloading all of their data in a way in which they can understand
  • To exercise their right to be forgotten, which supports both automated or manual deletion processes

Trusted customer relationships based on transparency and ease of use

No code customization and easy management, auditing and reporting for any customer consent

  • Easily customize policies and what gets shown to your customers and when
  • Give customers the choice to opt in or elect to enforce mandatory consents when required
  • Version control for tracking and auditing of who agreed to what and when
  • Consent receipt management which can be easily view and audited as required

Synchronize and flow consents to other systems throughout the enterprise

  • Ensure all other systems are updated in real time as your customers opt in or opt out of consents
  • Things change, so when they do you can easily ask customers to re-consent upon changes to subscriptions or new versions of your terms and conditions or policies