Lifecycle Event Hooks™

Keep your users' data in synch with your CRM, MarTech stack and custom apps

Our serverless approach makes it easy to integrate with other systems and orchestrate your own business logic without the cost and frustration of building (or hosting) other services

Get fine-grained control across the customer lifecycle

Insert your own business logic at any point along the customer lifecycle to customize registration, sync data across systems or alert on events of interest.

Migrate or synchronize customer profile data

Use hooks to keep all of your customer databases in sync by triggering data exports, imports and updates based on customer actions.

Automate and trigger events

Let your customer support and security teams know when interesting (or unusual) events happen by triggering workflow into the apps where they work.

How it works

Lifecycle Event Hooks can support just about any use case you can dream up. Here are a few ways that our customers are currently using this capability:

  • Customizing registration by bringing in and persisting external data
  • Establishing a single source of truth and synchronizing customer data in their CRM and MarTech stack
  • Inserting threat detection and response triggers in the customer lifecycle
  • Alerting customer service or security teams when customers get locked out multiple times
  • Triggering workflow in external orchestration systems when customers perform specific actions