Lifecycle Event Hooks

Enterprise level orchestration during any event in the customer lifecycle

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Our serverless approach means that you can integrate with any other system and orchestrate your own business logic without needing to build or host other services

The most complete orchestration capability available for Customer Identity. Period.

Fine Grained Control of the Customer Lifecycle

Insert your own business logic into a multitude of points with in the customer lifecycle, giving you infinite possibilities: customize registration, synchronize data across systems, alert on events of interest.

Migrate or Synchronize Customer Profile Data

Keep all of your customer databases in sync by hooking and exporting or importing customer data of your choosing, during customer events of your choosing.

Automate and Trigger Events

Keep your customer support teams or security teams advised of events of interest. Trigger workflow directly from customer events as they happen.

Consume Threat Information From Any Source

Insert threat detection and mitigation into any point in the customer lifecycle, giving security teams highly contextual alerting when threats are detected.

How it works

Example Usage Scenarios

  • Customize registration by bringing in and persisting external data
  • Establish a single source of truth and synchronize customer data across multiple systems
  • Insert threat detection and response into any point in the customer lifecycle
  • Alert your customer service or security teams to events of interest
  • Trigger workflow in external orchestration systems when customers perform specific actions