Identity store

A single, secure place to store and manage all of your customer accounts

Secure storage for customer accounts and info

  • Safely store customer accounts, groups and attributes
  • Keep all of your secrets secure including (but not limited to) passwords
  • Create and effortlessly manage directories and databases
  • Use password policies to enforce strong password requirements
  • Access stored accounts and data using RESTful API

Use the Identity Store across all applications and in conjunction with Single sign-on and Lifecycle Event Hooks™

A fully extensible and customizable schema lets you effortlessly choose what you store and how to store it

Manage accounts across all stages of the account lifecycle

  • Let CSRs and helpdesk personal manage accounts
  • View and manage consent receipts
  • View and manage profile information and groups
  • Manage any aspect of account security such as changing passwords, remembered devices and enrolled MFA methods

Easy integration with CRM, MarTech stack and other apps

Choose what you want to store and keep it in sync with your CRM using Lifecycle Event Hooks to update systems immediately as events occur.