Identity Store

Limitless scale and high availability for securely storing your customers’ accounts and data

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Built in to Strivacity Fusion: the single place to store and manage all your customer accounts and their valuable information

  • Secure storage for customers’ accounts, groups and attributes
  • Secure storage for all your secrets, including but not limited to just passwords
  • Create and manage effortlessly with know knowledge of directories or databases
  • Enforce strong password requirements using Password Policies
  • Stored accounts and data can be accessed using RESTful API

Use the Identity Store across all applications and in conjunction with Single Sign-on and Lifecycle Event Hooks

A fully extensible and customizable schema lets you effortlessly choose what you store and how to store it

Management of accounts for all stages of the account lifecycle

  • Let CSRs or helpdesk personal effortlessly manage accounts
  • View and manage any consent receipts
  • View and manage profile information and groups
  • Manage any aspect of account security such as changing passwords, remembered devices and enrolled MFA methods

Multi-source Integration – also for all stages of the account lifecycle

Use Lifecycle Event Hooks to synchronize customer data with other systems as events occur in real time: