Customer Self-Service

Automate account management and empower your customers to do more for themselves

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Self-Service Registration

Fully customizable pre-built pages for customer sign up

  • Choose and define what attributes you need to collect from your customers
  • Easily choose how customers login
  • Take a no-code approach to branding and customization to fully support your brand
  • Use notification policies to choose how you notify and inform during account sign-up

Combine with rebrandable email or SMS verification to provide a robust and secure customer experience that protects both your brand and your customers.

Self-Service Account Recovery

Frustrated customers who have forgotten their passwords can equate to increased abandonment rates as high as 18 percent.

No one likes getting locked out – especially if they must call or email customer service to regain access.

Strivacity Fusion solves for all all-major problems for customer account recovery:

Forgotten Username
Customers can quickly receive a reminder to their chosen communication preference to receive a reminder and continue their transaction
Forgotten Password
Quickly and easily enable customers to reset their forgotten password without compromise to their customer experience
Account Unlock
Enable customers to quickly unlock their account by establishing trust through their chosen communication preference
Customer Verification
Re-assert trust with your customer by using an already-known and trusted email account or phone number
Customer Notification
Use known and trusted email accounts or phone numbers to keep customers up-to-date on any changes and/or unusual activity to their accounts
MFA Enrollment
Customers can manage all of their MFA options themselves – whether it’s changing their choice on what multi-factor method they want to use, or replacing a lost or stolen device

Self-Service Account Management

Fully customizable pre-built pages for all aspects of self-service, including consent

  • Choose what account information customers can manage for themselves
  • Let customers manage their own security and Multi-factor Authentication settings
  • Self-service password management
  • Let customers opt-in or opt-out of any consents or subscriptions