Single sign-on

Customers login once to access all your brands, sites and apps

Unify customer identities using federated integrations

Customers can log in just once and use their accounts and profiles anywhere you want them to – even if you have multiple brands that share customer data or infrastructure.

We support all of the major industry-standard integration methods


It’s easy to customize the login experience

Create one login, then customize and share it between apps without writing code (unless you want to).

Quickly solve your integration problems

  • Shrink customer account maintenance costs by 50%
  • Eliminate customer data silos across your organization
  • Make sure your applications have access to accurate customer data
  • Reduce customer frustration of multiple logins

Combine single sign-on and adaptive multi-factor authentication

Single sign-on removes friction during customer login and can provide the perfect balance between context-aware access and customer experience when used with Adaptive MFA.

Learn more about Adaptive MFA