Single Sign-On

Orchestrate customer login between applications using single sign-on

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Unify customer identities using federated integrations

Customers should log in just once and use their accounts and profiles anywhere you want them to – even if you have multiple brands that share customer data or infrastructure.

Support for all of the major industry-standard integration methods


Easily customize your customers single login experience

A customizable single login that can be shared between apps and tailored as needed (without writing code - unless you want to!)

Quickly solve your integration problems

  • Customer data lives in silos throughout your organization
  • Getting your customer applications access to data silos can be tricky
  • Provide customers with a unified registration and login experience
  • Decrease costs by up to 50% of managing data in silos and customer accounts

Combine Single Sign-on and Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Single Sign-on removes friction during customer login and can provide the perfect balance between context-aware access and customer experience when used with Adaptive MFA.

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