Effortlessly embed secure login to any application

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lock Frictionless Login

Simplify sign-in with a secure, seamless experience that will delight your end-users.

Implement your login just once and then use Strivacity Fusion to centrally manage and turn on or off any aspect of your login experience as you need.

  • Orchestrate login between applications using single sign-on
  • Use Passwordless authentication
  • Easily add Social Login or use OIDC
  • Use our pre-built components or our SDK’s – the choice is yours

No-code UX customization

Quickly delight your customers with our pre-built customer experiences

Our pre-built components enable developers to deploy the following to applications in minutes:

  • Login
  • Self-Service Registration
  • Account Activation
  • Account Recovery
  • Password Reset
  • MFA Enrollment
  • Consent Requests and Subscriptions

Quickly customize all aspects of the customer journey and user experience for each application:

  • Custom workflows
  • Choose and define custom attributes
  • Set branding per application
  • Customize Email and SMS notifications

Social Login and OIDC Support

Embed Social Login and OIDC into your applications

  • Provide Easy registration and login for customers using their preferred social login provider
  • Add a new social login in minutes with no code changes to your application
  • Embed any of the most popular social login providers, as well as leveraging generic OpenID Connect support
  • Collect customer demographic data from social platforms to better serve your customers
  • Synchronize customer data from social platforms to other marketing or CRM systems that you own

Cover all the bases with broad support for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Github and more