Add secure identity and access management to your customer-facing apps ... fast!

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What we do

Our no-code CIAM platform lets you add secure log-in and identity management capabilities to your customer-facing applications without tying up an army of developers or consultants.


Implement CIAM faster and cheaper

Turn it on fast - - in hours or days (not weeks and months)

focus development

Focus developers on new features

Keep your dev team focused on growth (not plumbing)


Get compliant with global privacy laws

Get and stay compliant with ever-shifting global privacy standards like GDPR and CCPA


Convert and keep more customers

Delight customers with branding and workflow tailored to each app and audience

How Strivacity works

We give you a single place to manage customer identity, access and consent management across all of your customer-facing applications. Plus, keep your customer data in sync with your marketing and CRM systems. Oh... and you can tailor the branding, workflow and policies any which way you want.

adaptive access control

Adaptive access control

Simplify sign-on with a secure, frictionless experience that gets your users where they're going (and flags issues when things look phishy).

customer lifecycle management

Customer lifecycle management

Let customers manage their own account while keeping their identities and info in sync with your CRM (or any other app).

marketing insights

Marketing and insights

Increase revenue by creating seamless multi-channel experiences for your customers without compromising security.

global privacy and consent

Global privacy and consent

Empower your customers with self-service consent management and enforce data sovereignty to satisfy GDPR,CCPA and other privacy standards.

Why our customers love us

It sure sounds weird. But it's true. Security teams, marketers and developers all love Strivacity. Why? Because we built it with all of their needs in mind. As a bonus, your compliance teams may even start to love their audits :-).


Centralized management and storage of customer identity means security teams can monitor and maintain policies without borrowing a developer to make it happen.


Pre-built components and ready-to-use APIs let your developers focus on your product and getting things done.


Easy logins mean marketing can deliver on their security and privacy promises while keeping new-user conversion rates high. Plus user insights and customized branding optimize marketing campaigns so you can grow revenue.

Legal & compliance

Consent management and Isolation-by-Design™ architecture satisfies global privacy standards such as GDPR and CCPA and empowers your customers to manage their ow consent preferences.

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