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Great relationships start with trust...

Most customers begin their relationship with a brand by registering on a site and handing over their personal info. They expect great online experiences and they expect the brands to keep their data safe. When an app is clunky or trust is broken, customers click over to competitors.

The average person has 100 different applications and services which require a password
Source: NordPass
Nearly one-third of US consumers are willing to walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience
Source: PWC
93% of US consumers would switch to a company that prioritizes their data privacy

... but current CIAM solutions force tradeoffs

Too often, marketing teams are forced to make tradeoffs between creating the best customer experience and securing their customers' data.

Security teams are imposing new data stewardship obligations, driven by GDPR ad CCPA, while marketing leaders push to reduce friction and get more access to customer data.

Usually, security wins.

That's where we step in


Strivacity is committed to putting the "C" back in customer identity and access management (CIAM). We believe there doesn't need to be a tradeoff between providing a great customer journey and keeping customers' data secure.

Our Mission


Securely connect brands to their customers, while paving the way for lifetime relationships built on loyalty and trust.

Our Vision


Offer the most compelling customer identity solution of its kind, enabling brands to provide seamless experiences for their customers.

Our leadership team

Keith Graham

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Cox

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Evans

Chief Market Officer

Chrissy Chambers

Senior Vice President, Customer Success

Szilard Stange

Vice President, Engineering

Robert Block

Senior Vice President, Global Alliances & Business Development

Our investors

ten eleven toba capital

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