Add secure registration and authentication to your app in minutes!

Give your customers a "big brand" experience that scales as you grow.

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Benefits matter when you're a start-up

At Strivacity we focus on the things that make a difference for your organization and your customers.

Shrink time to market

Get up and running quickly with only 1 person-week to deploy and test

Focus your team on innovation

We handle support and maintenance so your engineers don't have to

Acquire new customers faster

Enterprise-level sign-on and self-service reduces common sales objections

Get to market fast with an enterprise-level customer experience

Every dev sprint counts when you're just getting started. Strivacity adds enterprise-level registration, login and self-service capabilities to your app so your dev team can stay focused on new features that differentiate you.

  • Secure registration and login
  • Social login and 3rd party support
  • Self-service user accounts
  • Secure identity store
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Section 508 compliant login based on WCAG

Six reasons early-stage companies use Strivacity

In short, our 100-percent microservices-based cloud architecture makes it simple to get connected, keeps your customer data secure and has the features you'll need as you scale to hundreds (and hundreds of thousands) of customers.

See how Strivacity stacks up against the competition

Most orgs go through some sort of build vs. buy analysis. When it comes to "building" the most common options are building the whole kit and caboodle with the dev team or plugging in some sort of open source solution. Each comes with benefits and risks. Here's how we think they stack up.

Build it in-house Use open source
Time to market Days Weeks Weeks
Developer effort Low Very high High
Feature richness Very high Depends on effort Low
Support costs Low Medium Medium
IP liability risk No No Medium
Licensing cost Yes No No

Get some additional information on Strivacity

Let us help make your decision easier. Take a look at our most recent white paper report, and blog posts to learn how Strivacity can better assist your organization.

"Given that flexibility is at the forefront of a disruptive CIAM solution, Strivacity is a vendor that holds promise for a strong Identity Fabric implementation. It is a built-for-CIAM solution that delivers a comprehensive and adaptive set of capabilities."
Anne Bailey

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