Solutions By Role

Portal Owner

You are the modern-day proprietor. Success means you provide the best digital portal or storefront in the marketplace, enabling your brand to crush its business goals.

Your responsibilities are broad, requiring you to be fluent in many areas, each with various levels of strategic value. Some of the challenges you face include:

  • Cumbersome and/or confusing registration and log-in procedures - Potential customers are at risk of being put off. According to Baymard, more than 68 percent of customers abandon website registration or sign-in when faced with any friction.
  • The dichotomy of friction and user experience - You’re torn between improving user experience, expanding features and functionality, and reducing friction.
  • Fear of the breach - Brand reputation damage and regulator fines are business risks because personally identifiable information (PII) and financial data that portals can contain are so valuable. Attackers often use the most basic yet effective techniques - such as credential theft, credential stuffing and exploiting password reuse - to gain unauthorized access to customer data.
  • Scalability in the age of digital transformation - Customer-facing portals and services require high availability and must operate at high performance. If a portal and/or service is unavailable, the cost to your brand equates to real money and market share loss.
  • Deep understanding of customer behavior - Portal teams do not always have the insights and/or tools they need to provide the business with a greater comprehension of their customers’ behavior to maximize revenue and provide better customer experiences.
  • The constant evolution of data privacy regulations - It is both risky and expensive to attempt to keep up with rapidly changing data privacy regulations with internal staff.

At Strivacity, our goal is to allow you to focus on the most strategic challenges associated with running your digital properties by providing turn-key services to address the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) challenges in your ever-widening purview. Strivacity Fusion provides proven capabilities that can be plugged into your various digital properties including Social Registration and Log-In, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Market Segmentation Reporting, Global Privacy and Consent, and Customer Lifecycle Management.

Your digital portal or storefront is more than just a collection of data and capabilities. Rather, it is the perfect balance of many focus areas culminated into the choice platform for your digital customers. Strivacity looks at solving your CIAM problems in a similar way. We are not just focused on security, analytics or automation. Instead, we take a holistic approach to your CIAM, guaranteeing a single partner can help ensure your brand’s success. We look forward to continuing this dialogue in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for being part of the future of CIAM.