Solutions By Role


You’re a builder. Your job is to design and ship the architecture, services and software that make your brand go. Your success is contingent on finding an elegant solution to a problem, making it your own and moving the needle forward. Some of the challenges you face on your journey to support your brand’s needs include:

  • Reliability, performance and scalability - You’re often crafting customer-facing portals and applications that require high availability and must operate at high performance. An unavailable portal means an early morning support call and lost profit.
  • The speed of change: Continuous deployment - Your brand and its solutions need to quickly react to change. You must ensure these solutions are extensible and maintainable so they won’t cause issues in the future.
  • Usability: Don’t frustrate your customers - Creating just the right customer experience is a delicate art. You must be careful not to frustrate your customers lest they find a competing brand.
  • Security in today’s threat landscape - Today’s reality is engineers cannot ship software without considering effective security, not to mention threat vectors that may be present when the code goes to production.

At Strivacity, we want to be part of that elegant solution. Fusion provides all of its capabilities via hosted pages, predefined workflows, and API’s and web SDK’s that allow you to integrate quickly and cleanly, maintain scalability in your cloud environments and electrify your customer experience. We can support your solutions with Cloud-Native Architecture, Extensibility and Compliancy, Standards-Friendly Integration, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Identity Threat Detection.

Keep your focus on shipping code that delights your customers, and let us focus on Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). Together we’ll build a sustainable solution; one that is scalable, reliable and elegant.