Solutions By Role

Chief Marketing Officer

On paper your job is simple. It’s to increase brand and customer interaction while driving growth. Success depends on having the correct message, the right strategy and an execution plan to reach your target customers. You have to plan for common points of friction in digital outreach, including:

  • The number of channels your customers wish to interact with - Customers steadily want to engage with more channels. Your brand needs to not only be available on those channels, but also provide a consistent customer experience
  • Simple and unobtrusive registration and authentication - The more steps and/or fields a customer needs to fill out to log in to your website, the higher the probability of prospect bailout. However, it’s still critical for your brand to protect against fraud and loss of customer information. Striking a balance between the two is a struggle
  • Actionable intelligence consolidated from all digital property visitors - To support constant improvement, your team needs this telemetry, yet it can be expensive and time-consuming to collect and analyze the data on your own
  • Constantly evolving rules for global privacy and compliance - It is prohibitively expensive and not strategic for your team to keep up with these changes, but the cost of non-compliance is severe

At Strivacity, we want you and your team to focus on acquiring and delighting your customers, while we handle these problems for you. Our platform, Strivacity Fusion, provides a turn-key set of capabilities created specifically to remove Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) hurdles from your to-do list, so you and your team can focus on executing your brand’s go-to-market strategy. We address these challenges through Social Registration and Log-In, Market Segmentation Reporting, Global Privacy and Consent, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Customer Lifecycle Management.

Social Registration and Social Login

Significantly shorten registration and log-in time, and leverage rich social media profile information, by using social log-ins to enhance insights and market segmentation.

Market Segmentation Reporting

Use built-in reports and dashboards to construct customer profiles relevant to your products. Provide marketing and digital analytics teams with unified and segmented views of their customers across all multi-channel experiences. Lastly, show key customer trends across all segmentation bases, including demographic, geographic, behavioral, contextual and situational.

Global Privacy and Consent

Centralized communication management and data usage consent across all digital channels. Additionally, we provide mechanisms to support a customer’s rights to be forgotten and access their data, and to control how your brand may use their data.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Finding the right balance of security and usability depends on the context of each customer interaction. Our adaptive authentication capabilities combat anomalous and suspicious behavior with a customizable workflow, which provides the right level of security and balances the right customer experience for that moment.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Reduce the cost and effort associated with customer account management while you empower your customers through automation and self-service.
Your focus should not be about technology and security, and we are proud to say that neither is the way we approach CIAM. Success means more efficient customer acquisition, retention and attachment, and we believe using technology and security in the right ways helps reach these goals. We look forward to continuing this dialogue and together taking CIAM out of the dark age.