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Chief Digital Officer

Your industry is likely going through some form of digital transformation. It is up to you to leverage this shift to your brand’s advantage. It is up to you to leverage this shift to your brand’s advantage. Making the right moves means taking market share and delighting your customers. Whereas making the wrong moves puts your brand at risk of obsolescence. The efficiencies you are driving toward include:

  • Enabling your brand across multiple channels - Digital transformation should increase your brand’s reach, meaning you need to be available on multiple channels across multiple devices. But being available isn't enough. As you add channels to your portfolio, you must ensure your customers’ experiences and preferences are consistent, their account security isn’t compromised and their privacy is upheld.
  • Making it easier to interact with your brand - In a competitive market, your customers decide who they do business with. Increasingly, a major factor your customers consider when making this choice is how easy it is for them to register and log in to your website. According to Baymard, more than 68 percent of customers abandon website registration or sign-in when faced with any friction. Simultaneously, it’s still critical for your brand to protect against fraud and customer information loss. Striking a balance between the two is a struggle.
  • Better serving your customers’ personal tastes - As channels increase, so does the sheer amount of messaging noise. It has become increasingly difficult for your brand to reach a target buyer audience through its messaging. You must be laser-focused in finding the right mix of message, demographics and channel.
  • Improving operational efficiency - New technologies need to not only fuel growth, but also lower the incremental cost of grabbing that next point of market share. Your success depends on finding more efficient ways to manage the entire customer journey.

Strivacity is committed to driving your success in these areas. Our platform, Strivacity Fusion, provides a cloud-delivered, quick-to-value set of capabilities created specifically to remove Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) hurdles from your to-do list, so you and your team can focus on your brand’s strategic horizon. We address these challenges through Multi-Channel Support, Social Registration and Log-In, Market Segmentation Reporting and Customer Lifecycle Management.

Success means more efficient customer acquisition, retention and attachment, and we believe using technology and security in the right ways helps reach these goals. Your emphasis should be on the strategic technology use to increase revenue and lower cost. Let Strivacity Fusion solve the traditional CIAM challenges, so you can focus on the next wave of digital metamorphosis.