Our Values

We at Strivacity genuinely enjoy working together, believe in our shared mission and vision, and take pride in being the best at what we do.

With that said, while we take our mission and vision extremely seriously, we aim to bring a lighthearted nature to ourselves and our organization amid what can feel like an austere industry.

We believe culture evolves as people contribute and our company grows, but we must adhere to a key set of values, which provides a foundation of ethics, integrity and respect.

We search for and promote each of these values in every candidate and every member of our team, always ensuring we are all accountable by each. They are as follows:


If these values resonate with you, then you may be a fit for our growing team. However, if you don't see a job opening that suits your skills and are interested in working with us, reach out regardless via jobs@strivacity.com. We're always on the look out for rock-star problem solvers.

Job Openings