Business Initiatives

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Multi-Channel Experiences

Customers expect modern brands to give them various ways to shop conveniently and quickly. A multi-channel strategy offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility for consumers when purchasing and paying for goods and services
  • More opportunities to build a brand among diverse audiences
  • Additional chances to solicit and use consumer testimonials
  • 24-hour access to customers, building brand loyalty
  • A greater degree of visibility among various demographics
  • Improved analytics to help understand consumer behavior

A successful brand is typically expected to interact online, via mobile applications, social media and even in-store kiosks. Simply offering these channels is not enough. Interactions on every channel must provide consistency in ease of use, as well as customer preferences. Brands that provide a different experience through any one channel risk alienating customers and missing revenue opportunities.

Providing this consistency - in a cost-effective manner - is critical to solving your Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) challenges with a solution that can be quickly integrated into the all of your existing channel investments with a single set of brand policies.

Strivacity Fusion provides all capabilities hosted centrally, and offers workflow that can be used throughout all of your technology investments. Additionally, our centralized policy engine ensures your customers are treated exactly how they prefer - regardless of channel.