Business Initiatives

Strivacity can help you achieve your most critical business goals, while conquering your biggest obstacles

Increase Digital Revenue

Any decision you make likely has the same ultimate goal - growing your brand’s revenue.

You have created a strong product and/or service and designed compelling messaging to grab your target buyer’s attention. Now you must provide appropriate and consistent multi-channel experiences to drive growth.

This is where Strivacity Fusion comes in. You can focus on your offering and message while we provide security, privacy and customer lifecycle management, and provide critical insight based on the data you collect from prospects and customers to travel the last mile of customer growth.

We share your goal of driving growth

Strivacity Fusion provides the following benefits:

  • Drive 20 to 30 percent more efficiency in marketing spend through omnichannel consistency and demographic insight
  • Reduce churn rate by as much as 70 percent through easy registration and unobtrusive security
  • Significantly reduce the risk of costly privacy law violations
  • Increase lifetime customer value by up to 12 percent through customer empowerment

Strivacity believes you should focus on your offering and message, while we address your CIAM challenges.