Customers Do Business with Those They Trust

John Milburn
John Milburn
  • Dec 18, 2019
  • 3 min read

Regardless of what market you are in, your customers have choices. They will select the brand they do business with based on many factors, like quality, value, and brand messaging. Increasingly, customers are also listing "brand trust" - 65 percent, according to a recent study - as a factor influencing their buying behavior. This percentage goes much higher when focused on certain markets like financial services or healthcare.

So how does a brand earn its buyer's trust? Again, there are multiple factors. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, these factors include:

"Treating the customer and others well" - 43 percent of respondents

Strivacity was created to help you address these issues and earn your customers' trust, which is critical to growing your business. Your customers should feel they're being treated well immediately, as they enter the proverbial front door of your website. Was it easy for them to register and log in? Were they recognized when they visited again? Are their preferences being honored across all channel experiences?

Strivacity provides the best combination of ease of use, central policy control, centralized storage of customer identities, as well as customer identity security in the market. Our goal is to make your customers VIPs.

"Quickly resolving customer service issues" - 37 percent of respondents

There is no quicker way to solve some customer service issues than allowing customers to solve them themselves. Not only is self-service faster for many issues, but also 40 percent of customers prefer self-service over human contact. Strivacity provides self-service capabilities for your customers to manage their customer accounts, passwords and multi-factor authentication, and provide consent at any time, from any device. This ensures you are building trust by providing means to quickly resolve many common issues.

"Protecting the privacy and security of my personal information" - 27 percent of respondents

Finally, customers want to do business with brands they believe are safeguarding their transactions and personal information.

Strivacity Fusion was designed with security and privacy top of mind. The platform helps protect against fraud by constantly assessing customer activity and requiring just the right amount of scrutiny needed through continuous access and adaptive multi-factor authentication capabilities.

We guarantee your brand's customer data will never reside on or use the same infrastructure as any other brand that works with us at Strivacity - each of our brands is given exclusive treatment. Furthermore, your data will be encrypted with a key that only you - as a brand owner - have access to.

These tactics significantly reduce your risk of data breach and help break down the barriers adopted in highly-regulated industries. Additionally, Strivacity Fusion gives your customers the ability to view and edit their consent choices, as well the option to forget information at any time, supporting the notion that your stewardship of their data is done with full transparency and ultimately customer-controlled.

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