Don’t lose focus on your mission!

John Milburn
John Milburn
  • Dec 17, 2019
  • 2 min read

If you are reading this, chances are your company has customers who interact with your organization (or brand) across multiple channels, and demand a seamless experience backstopped with security and privacy. It is also very likely that your company is not in the consumer identity business. Why do these two points matter? Because in business, relentless focus wins the day.

Handling registration, security and privacy incorrectly can impede growth and brand reputation. Meanwhile, handling these properly – in Strivacity’s eyes – is a game-changer for any company in the digital marketplace. Recent business history is rife with examples of organizations that stumbled when they took their focus off delighting their customers in their core business. One-time giants, like Polaroid and Toys “R” Us, took their focus off their changing markets and no longer exist today. By allowing Strivacity to provide these needed features, you will receive the following benefits:

Focus on your mission

Everyone in your organization should be focused on delighting your customers today and in the future. Partnering with Strivacity allows your team to be laser focused on winning your market, while our team is laser focused on keeping up with the latest in cybersecurity, regulatory compliance and analytics, and translating our expertise to helping your business succeed.

Faster time to market

Leveraging Strivacity Fusion allows you to launch your new or updated application much sooner than trying to build fresh security and compliance capabilities. Additionally, our services are constantly updating, so your team will not have to build new capabilities – such as supporting the latest social ID or authentication protocol – meaning you can be confident you are providing a desirable customer experience without impacting your core application roadmap.

Lower total cost of ownership

By utilizing Strivacity Fusion, you won’t have to worry about finding and keeping expensive customer identity experts. Additionally, Strivacity Fusion services are cloud-native and cloud-delivered, so you will never have to undergo costly upgrade projects when solving your Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) problems for your portal or website.

Your success depends on your focus and skill. Why not let Strivacity address the CIAM challenges that are taking time and energy from your team?

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